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This repository is used to share plugins, languages and other stuff for verified buyers. You can buy Premium URL Shortener at

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Premium URL Shortener PHP API Wrapper

The official API wrapper for Premium URL Shortener

Your first integration

The example below shows you how to shorten a URL without any other parameters. You need to get your API key from the settings page of the user control panel


$shortener = new kbrmedia\Shortener();

// Set the URL & API key

// Simple call
echo $shortener->shorten("");

Get short URL directly

To get the Short URL directly without having to deal with json you can chain the getShort() method as below

// Get short URL directly
echo $shortener->getShort()->shorten("");

Advanced Call

To customize the URL, you can use the below to set a custom alias and the format - which in this case is in text

// Custom Alias

// Format: text or json

echo $shortener->shorten("");

Unshorten a URL or Get more data

This sample allows you to unshorten a URL and some data

echo $shortener->unshorten("");