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Premium URL Shortener PHP API Wrapper

The official API wrapper for Premium URL Shortener

Help Contribute

Send us pull requests and help improve the code.

Your first integration

The example below shows you how to shorten a URL without any other parameters. You need to get your API key from the settings page of the user control panel


$shortener = new kbrmedia\Shortener();

// Set the URL & API key

// Simple call
echo $shortener->shorten("");

Get short URL directly

To get the Short URL directly without having to deal with json you can chain the getShort() method as below

// Get short URL directly
echo $shortener->getShort()->shorten("");

Advanced Call

To customize the URL, you can use the below to set a custom alias and the format - which in this case is in text

// Custom Alias

// Set Type

// Set Password

// Format: text or json

echo $shortener->shorten("");

Get detail or data for a short URL

This sample allows you to unshorten a URL and some data


Get all of your URLs on your account

This sample allows you to get all of your URLs in your account. It has two parameters: sort [date or click] and limit (number of urls)