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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
lib = File.expand_path('../lib/', __FILE__)
$:.unshift lib unless $:.include?(lib)
require 'geo_ruby/version' do |s| = %q{georuby}
s.version = GeoRuby::VERSION
s.authors = ["Guilhem Vellut", "Marcos Piccinini", "Marcus Mateus", "Doug Cole"]
s.description = %q{GeoRuby provides geometric data types from the OGC 'Simple Features' specification.}
s.summary = %q{Ruby data holder for OGC Simple Features} = %q{}
#s.extensions = ["ext/georuby/extconf.rb"]
s.files = Dir.glob("{lib,spec}/**/*") + %w(README.rdoc Rakefile)
s.homepage = %q{}
s.require_paths = ["lib"]
s.rubygems_version = %q{1.3.7}
s.add_development_dependency(%q<dbf>, [">= 1.2.9"])
s.add_development_dependency(%q<rspec>, [">= 2.0.0"])
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