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== Footnotes v3.6.6
* fix for ruby 1.9 compat (thanks to ivanoats)
* fix for log note (thanks to tobias)
* pre rails 2.3 support fixes (thanks to tobias)
* better disabling of query notes (thanks to tobias)
* fixed variable assignment escaping (thanks to gdelvino)
* fixed cookie value escaping (thanks to indirect)
* Turn off footnotes with a parameter footnotes=false (thanks to indirect)
== Footnotes v3.6
* Cookies, sessions and params notes now use table;
* Old components note removed;
* Added assigns notes (thanks to scorpio);
* Improve query note, count query time and display it with several configurable
options (:alert_db_time and :alert_sql_number) (thanks to scorpio);
* Fixed bugs of layout link and route note related (thanks to scorpio).
== Footnotes v3.5
* Added NewRelic RPM footnote (thanks to kbrock);
* Several bug fixes (thanks to kbrock, ivanoats and kristopher).
== Footnotes v3.4
* Rails 2.3 compatible.
== Footnotes v3.3.1
* Changed prefix to support %s and %d;
* Created gemspec;
* Some code refactoring (called eval just once instead of three times).
== Footnotes v3.3
* Rails Edge (aka 2.2) compatibility;
* Initial Ruby 1.9 compatibility.
== Footnotes v3.2.2
* Added trace to QueriesNote;
* Fixed incompatibility with Ultrasphinx (thanks to mhartl);
* Added W3C compatibility (thanks to tapajos);
* Added support to other log mechanisms in LogNote.
== Footnotes v3.2.1
* Added some tests;
* Redefined Footnotes CSS and Javascripts to use concise names.
== Footnotes v3.2
* Now you can easily add your own notes;
* Added numbers to tabs;
* Added Queries note;
* Added MySQL Query Analyzer.
== Footnotes v3.1
* Code refactoring (using modules, except backtracer);
* Ability to cherry pick notes;
* Working on Rails 2.1.
== Footnotes v3.0
* Some code refactoring;
* Stylesheets bug fixed: was showing not only css in Stylesheets div;
* Logtail fix: working with Rails 2.0 logger and in all OS, since it's Regexp based;
* Rails 1.2 (except backtrace) and 2.0 compatible;
* RoutingNavigator (based on Rick Olson plugin);
* FilterChain.
== Textmate Footnotes v2.0
Copyright (c) 2006 InquiryLabs, Inc.
Creates clickable footnotes on each rendered page, as well as clickable
links in the backtrace should an error occur in your Rails app. Links take
you to the right place inside TextMate.
Enable only the TextMate on Macs in development mode