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@@ -57,49 +57,31 @@ simplified process (less decisions, less debugging / trial and error)
*** little tricky follow the template. (cut and paste errors). How do we improve this?
-# 4. DSLn / input
+# 4. DSL / input
Domain Specific Language allows you to focus more on the domain and less on the implementation of the interface.
- external vs internal DSLs (Martin Fowler of Thought Works terms)
- ruby and internal DSLs
- enum 'role', :base=>string, :values=>['MANAGER','ENGINEER']
- type 'person' do
- describe "An Employee in a company"
- string 'name', :description => "person's full name"
- role :description=>'role in the team'
- string 'company_name', :optional=>true, :description => "Employer"
- string 'street', :description => 'home street address'
- string 'city'
- string 'state'
- string 'zip'
- end
+- define data structures
+- define methods
+person edit, doc, dot, xsd
-xsd picture
+person_company edit, dot
+person_company, address exploded edit, dot
+person_company_rel edit, dot, xsd
-DSL for person, company, address
-xsd picture
+wsdl edit, doc, dot, xsd
+wsdl_simple: ruby code in helper method (show helper code in wsdl_def), edit, doc, dot, wsdl, wsdl_inline
-DSL for person, company, exploded
-xsd picture
+# 5. Producing the output
-- quick
-- consistent documents
-- central location for documentation
-- RoR
-# 5. output of DSL
using html templates vs internal erb templates (includes)
-picture showing the different data types
-sample input, output (picture)
+producing dot (used to use erb)
# 6. use the app to type in some dsl
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