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Data Organization in Spreadsheets

Karl Broman (, @kwbroman) and Kara Woo (, @kara_woo)

This is a paper on how to organize data within spreadsheets, based on the tutorial at

Now available at PeerJ Preprints and in press at The American Statistician (doi:10.1080/00031305.2017.1375989).

Note that the file is produced from the manuscript.Rmd file.

Also note that the file does not include the references or figure legends. And so it is best to construct and view the manuscript.html or manuscript.pdf file.

Compiling the .html or .pdf files requires the R/broman package. Install it with install.packages("broman").

You'll also need the rmarkdown package and Pandoc. And for the .pdf file, you'll need LaTeX.