Talk: How to display data badly
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Talk on “How to display data badly”

These are slides for a talk that I give as often as possible, because it's fun.

This was inspired by Howard Wainer's article, whose title I stole: H Wainer (1984) How to display data badly American Statistician 38:137-147

A recent PDF is here.

A whole bunch of older versions of the slides are at my UW–Madison webpage, including the Director's cut of the censored version.

The R directory contains the R code to make the (generally nicer) figures, plus Excel files in which the uglier figures were made.

The Figs directory contains only the Excel-based figures; the R-based figures are not included in the respository.

There's also slides of the “Top Ten Worst Graphs” (pdf here). The needed figures are not in this repository, but are available here.

I also have a third set of slides, “More on data visualization,” with further advice on developing data visualizations. [pdf here]

Also see the combined pdf.

The iowastate2013 branch contains a version I gave (remotely) to the Graphics Working Group in the Department of Statistics, Iowa State University.

The ictr2014 branch contains a version I gave in a manuscript writing workshop for the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The cmp2014 branch contains a version I gave to the Dept of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UW-Madison.

To the extent possible under law, Karl Broman has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to “How to display data badly”. This work is published from the United States.