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Kelly Brownsberger |


Accomplished architect and technologist skilled in all areas of the software development lifecycle. Proven technical leader and strategist capable of planning and executing on long term transformations as well as short term tactical initiatives. Passionate about agile and lean methods. Current focus on enterprise level DevOps transformation by applying application development principles to operations and delivery.


Autobooks (Sept 2018 - Present)

Development Team Lead

Development lead for a financial technology startup. Responsibilities varied for individual contribution with feature development, to production support and operations, as well as architecture and management. The platform was 100% cloud native targeting .NET Framework, .NET Core, SQL Server (Azure Managed Instances), Azure DevOps, Azure API Management, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Functions, and Azure Web Apps.

CSG International (2006 - 2018)

Principal Systems Architect - Remote Employee
  • Corporate Delivery Pipeline Platform
    • Contributing to the design and development of CSG's next-gen delivery pipeline capable of managing software artifacts across our entire application development needs as well as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) artifacts. Platform is built as services using C# and .NET Core based REST services running on Linux.
  • Enterprise Architecture & DevOps Transformation: Lead architect for automation standards driving a corporate wide multi-platform DevOps transformation. Oversees a group of 6 architects, but still contributes significantly to frameworks and deliverables. Pairing and mentoring with application teams to guide and transfer knowledge
    • Chef Configuration Management, Chef Delivery/Automate, AWS EC2 and S3, AWS AMI build automation with Packer, Terraform, RunDeck, Jenkins, Artifactory, Ruby, RHEL 7 Linux, AWS Linux 1/2 and Windows Server 2012R2/2016.
  • SCM PaaS: Architect and key contributor for shared corporate level shared platform as a service (PaaS) for Continuous Integration (CI) and delivery pipeline. The service drove standards and consistency of technical standards, delivery execution and methods, and was a key enabler of corporate agility.
    • Jenkins CI Server, .NET 3.0 - 4.7, WCF, IIS, ASP MVC, ASP WebAPI, NancyFx, NHibernate, REST APIs, Subversion, Git (BitBucket), JFrog Artifactory, Chocolatey, WIX/MSI, NUnit, SpecFlow, Java, JUnit.
  • Next Gen Billing:
    • .NET 4.5, IIS, WebAPI, NHibernate, SQL Server, RabbitMQ
  • Enterprise Services Platform: Lead architect and developer of internal services framework for API development across all .NET development in the company. The framework's primary goal was to standardize and unify API conventions and techniques across multiple backend systems and provide extensibility hooks for customizations.
    • C# and .NET 4.0, WCF, IIS, Castle Windsor, NUnit.
  • Payment Gateway: Lead architect and developer for internal payment processing solution intended as a strategic platform for several internal business units. The goals of the project were to build a platform capable of placing several existing, but disparate and non-strategic internal systems as well as be a platform to build new business upon.
    • .NET 4.5, C#, ASP.NET, WCF, IIS, SQL Server, Silverlight, OData, NUnit, SpecFlow
Systems Architect - Chicago, IL
  • Next Gen Desktop: Architect and Lead developer for CSG's Customer Service Representative (CSR) desktop application and UI framework standardization effort. Successfully rolled out Silverlight as a UI technology with supporting frameworks and patterns to 6 different applications within CSG.
    • .NET 4.0, C#, Silverlight, WPF
  • Order Orchestration and APIs: Architect and developer for Order Presentation Orchestration Services - an API exposure layer for building Order Management clients.
  • .NET 3.0-4.0, C#, ASP.NET, WCF, IIS, NUnit, TDD, VS Load Testing Tools
  • Product Catalog and Order Management: Architect and developer of our standalone product catalog and order management offerings. Focus on technical debt payback, up-skilling legacy system developers, and decoupling offering from vertical specific backends.
    • .NET 3.0-4.0, C#, ASP.NET, WCF, IIS, NUnit, TDD, VS Load Testing Tools
  • **Business Services Platform:**Architect and lead developer for BS Platform - a project attempting to take CSG's residential oriented offering to business clients. Large scale development of Customer, Account, Catalog, Order Management, Trouble Ticket Management and Provisioning models.
    • .NET 2.0, C#, ASP.NET, ASMX, WCF, IIS, NUnit, TDD

Avanade (2003 - 2006)

Principal Solutions Developer - Chicago, IL
  • Miller Brewing Company (Milwaukee, WI): Lead developer and architect for internal intranet web application rolled out by Miller corporate for all distributors to plan and manage their advertising budgets. Oversaw a team of 4 as well as contributed code to the deliverables. First exposure to agile methods - specially scrum.
    • .NET 2.0, C#, ASMX, ASP.NET, SQL Server, NUnit, TDD
  • Avanade, Inc. (Seattle, WA): ACA.NET and ACA Lifecycle: Developer role on a senior team building reusable technical assets for project teams. Contributed to ACA.NET which would eventually be transferred to Microsoft and rebranded as Enterprise Library. Also contributed to cutting edge development of ACA Lifecycle which was built on top of Microsoft's newly released TFS product and their Project Server product. Served primary in a development and QA tester capacities.
    • .NET 2.0, C#, SQL Server
  • Harley Davidson Dealer Systems (Cleveland, OH): Offered technical expertise to struggling project for solving complex multi-threading and garbage collection issues with Win32/Windows Forms application. Expanded role into establishing cutting edge continuous integration (CI) processes across multi-shore teams.
    • .NET 1.0, C#, ASMX, ASP.NET, CruiseControl.NET, Advanced Multi-Thread MDI style Windows Forms
  • Process Claims (Manhattan Beach, CA): Developer for intranet site that was part of the B2B integration with AllState for managing and streamlining insurance claim processing. Served as technical liaison/ambassador for AllState, Microsoft Consulting Services, and Avanade for their work with Process Claims.
    • .NET 1.0, C#, ASP.NET

IBM Global Services (1999 - 2003)

Application Developer - Chicago, IL
  • Nalco: Web Developer for internal intranet system for Nalco's quality control and distribution channels. Helped migrate the system from VB6/ASP to the newly released .NET 1.0 and C#.
    • VB6, ActiveX DLLs, ASP, VBScript, MTS/COM+, IIS 5, SQL Server 2000
    • .NET 1.0, C#, ASP.NET
  • Ohio Department of Education: Lead developer for team of 5 developers building a .NET intranet web application management budgeting process Ohio schools.
    • .NET 1.0, C#, COM+, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000
Application Developer - St. Louis, MO
  • State Farm Insurance: Lead developer for Client Search and Services team building internal intranet web application used by insurance agents in the field for managing their daily business.
    • VB6, ActiveX DLLs, MTS/COM+, Windows Server 2000, Microsoft COM Transaction Integrator (COMTI)
  • ePMO: Helped develop internal IBM asset used by projects teams in the field for manage large project management offices on client sites (i.e. SharePoint before Microsoft created SharePoint).
    • VB6, ActiveX DLLs, ASP, VBScript, Visual InterDev, MTS/COM+, Windows Server 2000, IIS 4, SQL Server 7

Education and Certifications

  • Internship (summer 1996) - Hallmark Cards (Kansas City, MO): COBOL Developer
  • Internship (summer 1997) - Cerner (Kansas City, MO): VB5 Developer
  • Internship (summer 1998) - Cerner (Kansas City, MO): VB5 and ASP Developer
  • 1999 - Bachelors of Science from Missouri State University in Object Oriented Computer Information Systems with Java
  • 2002 - Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) in Visual Basic 6
  • 2005 - Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD.NET) in C#
  • 2012 - Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Certified
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