A secret manager backed by Keybase and KBFS.
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KBSecret is a command line utility and library for managing secrets.

Quick links:

Hacking on KBSecret

Want to hack on KBSecret? Here's how you can get started:

$ git clone git@github.com:kbsecret/kbsecret.git && cd kbsecret
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle
$ bundle exec ./bin/kbsecret help

Manual Pages

KBSecret's manual pages can be found online here.

If you'd like to generate the roff versions for man(1), you'll need ronn(1):

$ bundle exec make man
$ cp man/*.1 ${YOUR_MAN_DIR}

Shell Completion

KBSecret provides shell completion functions for bash, zsh, and fish.

To generate the completions for Bash:

$ bundle exec make bash
$ # or, if you have additional commands that support --introspect-flags:
$ CMDS='foo bar baz' bundle exec make bash
$ cp completions/kbsecret.bash ${YOUR_COMPLETION_DIR}

To use the completions for zsh, add the completions directory to your $fpath or copy the completions/_kbsecret file to any of the directories in it.

To use the fish completions, copy completions/kbsecret.fish to your ~/.config/fish/completions folder.

Please feel free to contribute completion scripts for other shells!


See "help wanted" on the issue tracker.

If you have an idea for a new feature, please suggest it! Pull requests are also welcome.

Community and Help

If you'd like help or would just like to chat about KBSecret's development, please join us in #kbsecret on Freenode.

We also have a Keybase team. Please let us know on IRC if you'd like to be added to it.


KBSecret is licensed under the MIT License.

KBSecret's logo was created by Arathnim.