An android app that runs in the background and uploads pictures to photo providers.
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Save My Pics

This is the code for Save My Pics, an Android app that runs silently in the background and uploads new pictures to photo providers.

Snapfish and Flickr are currently integrated, but Flickr is disabled because I couldn't figure out how to remain within their API quota limits for a general purpose app like this.

The only pieces missing from this source are the actual application keys and secrets used to connect to the provider sites. In order to build this application, you must register as a developer and obtain suitable keys directly from the provider. Then, create a couple of java files named and containing constructor and getter methods for the application key and secret. Please look at and for details.

If you want to run the test cases, you must also place your application keys and create tokens for a test user -- please read the plugins README for details.


My aim is to protect the privacy of your pictures upto the maximum extent possible with the online photo provider you choose. I've made the source code available so anyone can look at what it really does. The source is also available under the Simplified BSD License.

I've created a separate privacy page to list what you should expect when using the app.

If you find bugs or have suggestions, please do file an issue -- I'd love to hear from you.