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mysqlm - better errors on uninit connections and queries

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1 parent 477ade1 commit 6723b33c2a6a3145a7018165f53efac6383bb1e4 @kburtch committed Feb 22, 2014
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@@ -94,12 +94,14 @@ CHANGES SINCE 1.4
30. New: array variables may be deleted with unset. However, anonymous array types will linger until the end of block.
-31. New: team package. Contains the team.programmer record. [docs] [tests]
+31. New: team package. Contains the team.member record. [docs] [tests]
32. New: teamwork pragmas. pragma advise, blocked, clarify, dispute, propose, refactor.
33. Fix: fixed more problems with variable exporting when a block is pulled.
+34. Change: uninitialized connections and queries in mysqlm give a meaningful error message instead of throwing an exception.
??. Around parser.adb 5812: doesn't allow mixing of shell and adascript parameters in a pipeline. Fix this??
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