Fire Emblem Kingdom, aka Pre-rewrite Fire Emblem Project
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The Fire Emblem Project - Previous / Abandoned Version

The Fire Emblem Project is a recreation of the game engine of the GBA game "Fire Emblem" in java.

FEP was a project that I started in Spring of 2011, and have been working on sporadically since then. In the Spring of 2013, the project had become far too large and far too unwieldy for me to handle anymore. Years of not-so-solid practices and the cruft that comes along with a "learn-as-you-go" approach had made it very difficult to further develop the program. At over 12,000 lines of source with poor encapsulation and no unit tests, I decided to abandon this version and start fresh again. This repository is a record of the code as it was before I wiped the slate clean.

Notably, I have no idea if this version of the code still works anymore. It's definitely not bug free.

The proper way to start the program is to go to the dist folder and run "run.bat". This will open a console in addition to the game, which will help diagnose errors. Alternatively, simply click on the jar and depend on the logging to help determine errors.