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System Requirements:
	Confirmed working in:
		Linux: Chrome 17, Firefox 10
		OS X: Firefox 6, Firefox 10, Chrome 17
		Win XP: Chrome 15

	Confirmed not working in:
		Linux: Chrome 10
		OS X: Safari 5
		Win XP: IE 8
	Python versions supported: 2.6 through 3.2
		Tested in Linux and OS X

	Then direct a web browser to "localhost:8080".
	The default virtual root is ./fileroot

Test Suite:
	cd testsuite/
	This test suite tests the common execution paths with python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2.
If one of those is not available, it will simply throw errors.  Also, this
suite is tuned for execution on both my Linux and OS X computers.  It may work
on yours too, I don't know...

	Configuration is possible through the frontPorch.ini file, or through
fpDefaults.ini if you copy it to /usr/local/etc/frontPorch/ . Additionally, you
can specify some options on the command line: see ./ -h .

Security Warnings:
	I've worked to make sure that nobody can access files outside of the file
root, and that nobody can upload outside the file root, but no other
restrictions are placed on uploads.  Also, the program currently allows users
to follow symlinks within the file root to locations outside the file root
(this is by design).

Future Work:
	I'm putting this up on GitHub because I think it's cool, and why not?  It was
fun to work on, so I plan to add a few things:
		Upload authentication (using HMAC performed in Javascript)
		Configurable upload folder limitations
		Resuming uploads
		Resuming downloads
		Smarter directory contents transfer (there's no reason to refresh the
			entire page to update the directory contents info)