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A ranked-choice voting system, with newspapers' annual best-of voting in mind
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    Python 3 - this is 2016, so we use Python 3
    Django - developed with 1.10
        pip3 install django
    mysqlclient - Only if you're using mysql as your database
        pip3 install mysqlclient

# For Testing
Set PRODUCTION to False in RankedChoiceRestaurants/

    Run "./" to generate a config file at the location specified in RankedChoiceRestaurants/
    Change PRODUCTION to True in RankedChoiceRestaurants/
    Run "./ collectstatic" to copy all static files into the directory specified in
    Run "./ makemigrations" voting to prime the migrations
    Run "./ migrate" to create the necessary database entries
    Run "./ createsuperuser" to create the django administration user
    Run "./ createanonymous" to create an anonymous user for non-logged-in polling
    Run "./ check --deploy" if you want to auto-check django security settings.  SECURE_HSTS_SECONDS is the only normal warning - you'd have to setup HSTS to get rid of that warning.
    If you're using passenger on Dreamhost, create a link to in your web server's directory.  Directory structure should look like:
    | ...
      | README
      | |
      | | ...
      | | ...
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