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<div id="tb-accordion" class="accordion">
<div class="dis-table">
<div class="acc-row">
<div>Date - Time</div>
<% for (var abb in fsessions) { %>
<% var sesh = fsessions[abb] %>
<div class="accordion-group">
<div class="accordion-heading">
<a class="accordion-toggle acc-row" data-toggle="collapse" data-parent="#tb-accordion" href="#seshAll-<%= abb %>">
<div><%= %> - <%= sesh.time %></div>
<div><%= sesh.fname %> <%= sesh.lname %></div>
<div id="seshAll-<%= abb %>" class="accordion-body collapse">
<div class="accordion-inner acc-inner-row">
<div><strong>Email:</strong> <%= %></div>
<div><strong>NetID:</strong> <%= sesh.netid %></div>
<div><button id="<%= sesh.netid %>" class="btn btn-primary start-sesh f-sesh">Start Session</button></div>
<% } %>
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