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Euler-Lagrange Tensegrity simulator

Python implementation of Skelton's equations (Tensegrity Systems, 2009) with extensions to allow for ground contacts etc.

The examples folder currently contains a number of self-contained sample applications (drop test/deflection). examples/kinematic_2spring contains a basic implementation of the kinematic validation in (Caluwaerts, Despraz, Iscen, Sabelhaus, Bruce, Schrauwen, SunSpiral 2014). examples/stiffness_paper provides an example of the "Energy Conserving Constant Shape Optimization of Tensegrity Structures" method (Caluwaerts & Carbajal 2014). examples/cartesian_coordinates_simulator reformulates Skelton's equations in Cartesian coordinates (constrained spring-mass system).

See for more information.

======================= Ken Caluwaerts

Jonathan Bruce