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Commits on Jan 14, 2012
  1. @Machiavell1

    Core/Movement: Implement spline movement subsystem.

    Machiavell1 authored
    Spline movement controls movements of server-side controlled units (monster movement, taxi movement, etc).
    Proper implementation of effects such as charge, jump, cyclic movement will rely on it.
    However, need improve our states system before.
    Technical changes:
    * Added linear, catmullrom and bezier3 splines which based on client's algorthims. They can be reused for proper transport position interpolation.
    * Precission increased. There are no more position desync issues since client's position calculation formulas used.
    * Now possible to move by paths with multiple points, send whole path to client.
    Original author of research and implementation: SilverIce. Massive kudos.
    Original port for Trinity (ref #4629) Chaplain and Venugh
    With the following incremental fixes during my review:
    - Restore flightmaster end grid pre-loading
    - Fix uninitialized Creature::m_path_id
    - Add missing trinity_string entries for .movegens command
    - Fix a bug in WaypointMovementGenerator that would trigger unexpected pausing at waypoints for various amounts of time
    Known issues:
    - Errors like WaypointMovementGenerator::LoadPath creature XXX (Entry: YYYYY GUID: ZZZZZZ) doesn't have waypoint path id: 0.
    This is caused by bad DB data. This commit didn't "break" it.
    Do not forget to re-run CMake before compiling.
  2. @QAston

    Merge pull request #4800 from Chaplain/cleanup

    QAston authored
    Core/Spells: Fix issue in CAST_FLAG_ADJUST_MISSILE handling. Thx rsa (R2) for pointing.
  3. @Shocker

    Merge pull request #4814 from Chaplain/master

    Shocker authored
    Dependencies/G3D: Fix typo in isNaN(float x)
  4. @Chaplain

    Dependencies/G3D: Fix typo in isNaN(float x).

    Chaplain authored
    *In original G3D svn it was fixed long time ago.
  5. @ZxBiohazardZx

    DB/Spells: fix brain freeze procing off of ice armor

    kandera authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
    closes #3914
  6. @ZxBiohazardZx

    DB/Spells: set the correct learning spells for paladin mounts

    kandera authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
    closes #4778
  7. @ZxBiohazardZx
  8. @ZxBiohazardZx

    DB/Gossip: Gossips from sniff for Orsonn and Kodian

    pitcrawler authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
    closes #4788
  9. @DDuarte
  10. @DDuarte

    Merge pull request #4806 from Venugh/texts

    DDuarte authored
    DB/SQL: Fixed my typo from previous Commit.
Commits on Jan 13, 2012
  1. Core/Scripts: Convert Torek script_texts to creature_text.

    Venugh authored
    Apply coding style in it.
  2. DB/SQL: Fixed my typo from previous Commit.

    Venugh authored
  3. @ZxBiohazardZx

    Merge pull request #4805 from Venugh/texts

    ZxBiohazardZx authored
    Core/Scripts: convert script_text to creature_texts
  4. @ZxBiohazardZx

    Core/Script: remove unused script

    svannon authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
  5. Core/Scripts: remove define from arcatraz.

    Venugh authored
  6. @malcrom @ZxBiohazardZx

    DB/Gossip: Gossip insert from sniff

    malcrom authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
    closes #4754
  7. @malcrom @ZxBiohazardZx

    DB/SAI: Smuggling this one into the EU...

    malcrom authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
    closes #4604
  8. @malcrom @ZxBiohazardZx
  9. @malcrom @ZxBiohazardZx

    DB/Creature: adding triggers in Terokkar.

    malcrom authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
    closes #4792
  10. @Discover-

    Merge pull request #4799 from Valcorb/master

    Discover- authored
    Updating two headers (were 2010)
  11. @Chaplain
  12. @Valcorb

    Update the rest of the headers

    Valcorb authored
  13. @Machiavell1

    Core/Movement: Prevent IdleMovementGenerator being put into MOTION_SL…

    Machiavell1 authored
    …OT_IDLE and MOTION_SLOT_ACTIVE simultaneously
Commits on Jan 12, 2012
  1. @Shauren

    Compile fix

    Shauren authored
  2. @Shauren
  3. @Shauren

    Core/Commands: Correction to 57490ea, when ip parameter is supplied i…

    Shauren authored
    …t should be used over selection
  4. @Discover-

    DB/SAI: Converted all EventAI for Flightmasters to SAI

    Discover- authored
    Not all flightmasters had EAI so this is also some new AI.
  5. @QAston

    Merge pull request #4771 from devilcoredev/fix_001

    QAston authored
    Core/Spells: Fix the 'Trueshot Aura' on pet
Commits on Jan 11, 2012
  1. @kaelima


    kaelima authored
    - Move achievement Shocking! to appropriate boss script instead of instance script.
    - Split the polarity spellscript into two and move to proper boss file
    - Fixed a typo in Loatheb's spore achievement.
  2. @devilcoredev
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