A command line tool for converting Blogger content to the Jekyll format used by Github pages.
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A command line tool for converting Blogger content to the Jekyll format used by Github pages. I built blogger2jekyll to tackle conversions on a Windows machine where using existing Ruby-based tools wasn't possible.

How It Works

blogger2jekyll uses a standard Blogger XML export file to create a set of properly named and formatted files for conversion by Jekyll and Liquid by using an XSLT stylesheet. The tool uses an intermediate set of entities to stage the data, as this provides better pre-processing and extensibility options.

The bundled stylsheet outputs posts in a HTML format, however, you are free to change the XSLT if you'd prefer to use something different, say Markdown or Textile. If anyone finds this useful and wants to include alternative stylesheets, please send me a pull request.

By default, posts are output to the _converted folder, relative to the execution path of blogger2jekyll.exe.

A pared-down XML sample of my old Blogger site is provided in the unit test project for testing.


At present blogger2jekyll recognizes page, layout, and configuration-related etnries in the source XML, but these are not converted. In other words, only posts will be generated.


Download the latest package from the project's downloads page. Extract the zip to a folder on your machine, add your Blogger XML export, and you're ready to go.

Building blogger2jekyll Yourself

Clone the repository, open blogger2jekyll.sln in Visual Studio, select the desired configuration, and click Build -> Build Solution (F6). Alternatively, you can build from the command line using csc or MSBuild.


	blogger2jekyll /in:<inputpath> /out:<outputpath>
  • inputpath is the path to your Blogger XML export file.
  • outputpath overrides the path where exported posts will be written (defaults to _converted).


blogger2jekyll is was written in C# and requires the MS.NET Framework version 4.0. The only other external dependency is log4net, which will be installed automatically by Nuget when you build the solution. Otherwise, all you'll need is your Blogger export XML file (see the next section).

Getting Your Blogger Export File

See Google's documentation on importing and exporting blog data [here](GitHub.


If you find an bug please open an issue.


See LICENSE. Copyright (c) 2012, Cargile Technology Group, LLC.