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Attach callback into clearInterval #27

superlou opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I was wondering if it's possible to attach a callback to be performed when a session is cleared? In my particular case, the session also stores the _id of a User model, and I'd like to delete the User with the session.


With more reading, I guess connect-mongo doesn't actually handle deleting of expired sessions, it just provides the variable to compare against. It is up to the app to cull old sessions?


connect-mongo will ask MongoDB to remove all the sessions that have expired before the current date. Since that call doesn't return a list of removed items, currently this isn't trivial to add.

However, this could be added as an option, where we run a find() to get all the expired sessions before removing them, and call your callback on the list of those sessions.


Was this ever implemented? thx!


Too specific.
Answer: re-implement your custom clear method.

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