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Cloud Native Enthusiast Scholarship

The Cloud Native Enthusiast Scholarship (CNES) program from KCD Chennai is an effort to celebrate and reward you for your contribution towards advancement and adoption of Cloud Native technologies and tools.

You'll be rewarded with a discount code to purchase tickets to KCD Chennai 2023. You could win up to 25% discount

About KCD Chennai 2023

KCDs are the second favourite event from CNCF, just behind KubeCon. In 2022, CNCF supported 16 KCDs across 14 countries, with more than 6500 attendees.

KCD Chennai is a community-organized, not-for-profit event that gathers adopters and technologists from open source and cloud native communities for education, collaboration, and networking.

KCD Chennai 2023 will feature Keynote speeches, panel discussions, technical sessions and workshops delivered by leading experts in the field. The event is expected to have 400 to 500 attendees.

For more details, visit our website

CNES in detail

The scholarship is granted to eligible applicants who have demonstrated active involvement in advancing Open source & Cloud Native technologies/tools by means of learning, teaching, mentoring, knowledge-sharing, open source contribution etc.

The information you provide in the application will be reviewed by KCD Chennai's CNES Panel. Based on the Panel's recommendation the applicant will be granted a discount code to purchase tickets to KCD Chennai 2023. The amount of discount an applicant receives is decided by the CNES Panel.

Assessment Criteria

The CNES Panel assesses the information you provide and decides the amount of discount you are eligible to receive. The Panel specifically looks for your contributions in one or more categories mentioned below.

  • Training courses: If you've completed training courses on Kubernetes or Cloud Native technologies. You should submit course completion certificates of the courses you completed.
  • Certification: Holds one or more LF/CNCF certifications mentioned in the LF Certification catalog
  • Blogging: Writing blogs related to Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies. Both technical and non-technical (process, methodologies, lessons learnt etc.) blogs are considered.
  • Knowledge sharing: Teaching and sharing your knowledge/experience on Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies/projects. E.g. Talks in Conferences, Presentations in Meetups, Creating YouTube Videos, Conducting Webinars, Conducting Training courses etc.
  • Open source contribution: Contribution in all forms is welcome: Submitting PR, Maintainer, Reviewer, Issues triage etc.
  • Building communities: Organizing Conferences, meetups or community groups. Contribution as a volunteer is accepted as well.

You are not expected to have contributed to all the categories. Just mention the contributions you've made, along with proofs.

Application Process

The application process is very simple.

  1. Write an email to providing proofs for assessment criteria mentioned in previous section
  2. The CNES Panel reviews the information provided in the email and recommends the amount of discount.
  3. You'll receive a reply to your email with a discount code mentioned in it.
  4. Head to and purchase your ticket using the discount code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is every applicant guaranteed to receive the discount code?

No. If an applicant submits at least one valid proof mentioned in the Assessment Criteria, he/she is guaranteed to receive the discount code

2. What is the minimum and maximum discount one can receive?

  • Minimum discount: 10%
  • Maximum discount: 25%

3. If I am not satisfied with the amount of discount I received, to whom should I share my concerns?

The amount of discount is recommended by the CNES Panel. The decision of the Panel is final. In case you'd like to share your concerns, feel free to drop an email to However, the discount originally granted to you cannot be modified.

4. How can I give feedback to the Organizers about the CNES program?

Feel free to provide your feedback by writing to

5. I applied for the Scholarship and received a CNES discount code. However my situation changed and I won't be able to attend KCD Chennai 2023. Can I have my friend/colleague use the discount code?

Yes, you can have your friend/colleague use the discount code.

6. I purchased a ticket to KCD Chennai 2023 using the CNES discount code. Can I cancel/transfer the ticket to another person?

Tickets purchased using CNES discount code cannot be cancelled. However you can transfer the ticket to another person by writing to

Note: Transfer of tickets is only applicable for tickets purchased using CNES discount code. Regular tickets cannot be cancelled/trasferred.

Contact us if you have questions

Post your query in #kcd-chennai channel on the CNCF slack. Someone from the organizing team will respond.