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Virtual WPS PBC button for GNU-Linux distributions
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I would say "none" as the script uses only fundamentals linux Newtork/WiFi Tools/Commands.

  • Bash ( is a bash script)
  • wpa_suppliant (and its "interactive comand line": wpa_cli)
  • Network Manager (and its "inetractive command line util": nmcli)

How to use it?

  • Clone this repository
git clone
  • Locate your shell in the downloaded branch
cd PBC
  • Launch the script invoking bash with administrador privileges
sudo bash

What does it do?

  • When you execute; a WPS conexion request is sent in Push Button Configuration mode using wpa-cli
  • You just have to press the PBC button from your Access Point in order to connect to it
  • The script automaticaly exports the datas from wpa_supplicant to create a profile for Network Manager in order to restart it and to do the final connexion with it.

For more information visit:

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