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Get Lucky

Helps you get lucky with Google using Safari's Location field.

No dynamic code injection required.

Initial setup

sudo rake hosts:update


Start the server:

sudo rake thin:start

In safari's location bar, type go/ your search string

  • go/kch github # Google Feeling Lucky straight to the awesomest github account
  • im.go/cheezburger # Google Images for, er… cheeseburgers
  • go/vanilla ice cream # Google Feeling Lucky for the awesomest icecream
  • wp.go/Vanilla_Ice # Wikipedia entry for some guy featured in xkcd #210
  • go/xkcd 210 # The aforementioned comic

Yes, spaces, yes. Safari will honor them.

See shortcuts.yml for all available searches. See below for customization.


sudo rake shortcuts:edit

Note: If you edit shortcuts.yml manually, you must later call sudo rake hosts:update.

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