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A procedural texture authoring application developed for PROCJAM 2018.

The main objective of this project is to have a free, intuitive and efficient graph-based web application for said authoring.

Potential use

  • Create procedural height maps for 3D applications.
  • Procedurally generate a full set of tileable textures (diffuse, normal maps, height maps, specular maps, ...) for 3D applications.
  • Generate tileable variations from a given tileable texture with very simple patch-based synthesis (graph). Works best with high density textures such as sand, gravels, dirt, ...
  • Generate a tileable textures from a given non-tileable texture (graph). Works best with highdensity textures such as sand, gravels, dirt, ...
  • Generate a normal map from a given image (graph).
  • Combine multiple b/w maps in a single image (graph)
  • Create complex custom effects to apply to images.
  • Usable as a prototyping tool for creative coding, without the coding (example, graph)
  • Generate black and white maps to use in page transitions in websites (example, graph).

More examples

How to use

Check the wiki.


  • The application is only supported on Firefox and Chrome as it depends on multiple modern API not available yet on other browsers.
  • The tool only deals with square textures. There is no plan to support the generation of non square textures.
  • The tool can currently only generate textures of 1024x1024 pixels.
  • The color control are currently rather limited, gradient maps have to be provided by the user.

How to report an issue ?

Either create an issue on Github or contact me on Twitter. Please provide the following information when applicable :

  • Your config (browser, browser version, os and graphic card)
  • A save of your graph
  • A screenshot of the issue (if it is a graphical bug)

How to contribute ?

Make sure to contact me, either on Twitter or through an issue on Github, so we can discuss the change(s) you'd like to make.