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The Notes App 📝

This is a notes application built on the fantastic Meteor JS app platform and the robust ReactJS front-end framework. It is deployed to the amazing and versatile Heroku PaaS.

I built this in order to practice and further my skills in Meteor, React, and modern web app development.

For testing, I used Mocha and AirBnB Enzyme.

Features 🧰


It's 2018... no more clicking an image of a floppy disk (what are those?)

Public Note Sharing (read-only for now)

With the flick of the Sharing Switch, you can get a public link directly to your note.

Click on the link to copy it to the clipboard. Share this link with anyone and they will see a read-only version of your note.

Live Updating

When you have shared your note, any and every person viewing your note will see the changes updated live!

Run it locally 💻

This app requires Meteor. Install it with the command:

curl | sh

After Meteor is installed, clone this repo and then run the following commands in the root of the repo:

meteor npm install
npm start

After running the commands, visit localhost:3000 in your browser to use the app.


A notes app featuring authentication, note sharing, and more, built using React frontend and Meteor+MongoDB backend.



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