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Code used for analyses in Melin et al. "Color vision affects rates of fruit consumption in wild white-faced capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus imitator), especially among juveniles"
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Trichromatic advantage in wild primates

This repository contains all analysis code used for the capuchin color vision project.

The manuscript is titled:

Trichromacy increases fruit intake rates of wild capuchins (Cebus capucinus imitator)

All code consists of a single script:

  • capuchin.R

The script requires four input files containing data from the Santa Rosa Capuchin Project's database. These files are located in:

  • data/CapuchinForagingData.txt

    A table with rows consisting of feeding events and associated metadata on the behavioral state, the feeding bout, the animal subject, and the feeding patch (including its phenological conditions).

  • data/FruitColoration.txt

    A table with rows consisting of fruit resources utilized by Santa Rosa capuchin monkeys and associated taxonomic and color metadata.

  • data/2007_2008Dominance.xlsx

    An Excel spreadsheet with date, group, individualID, and ordinal dominance rank information

  • data/FPVDetailwithVirtualCBH_Duration(Min)_May30_2017.xlsx

    An Excel spreadsheet with phenological information, mostly importantly a ripe fruit score (SimpleRipeFruitScore) and a SeasonID, the latter of which has values corresponding to the PhenologyID in other datasets.

  • data/energy.txt

    Energetic information about fruits involved in this study. The most important columns are the Conspicuity, Diameter, DryEnergy, and FinalEnergyRate.

For questions regarding the data, contact Amanda Melin.

For questions regarding the code, contact Kenny Chiou.

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