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Add syntax error customization (thanks patrkris)

The coffee_no_trailing_space_error and coffee_no_trailing_semicolon_error
options can be used to disable those respective errors
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commit 1a2148eef1d56bf839447205b0273bc9cbb0f2b3 1 parent 80f735f
@kchmck authored
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  2. +8 −4 syntax/coffee.vim
@@ -51,3 +51,21 @@ extension or a `Cakefile` will load all the CoffeeScript stuff.
$ git pull
Everything will then be brought up to date!
+### Customizing
+Some of the possibly unwanted syntax highlighting elements can be disabled
+in the following ways.
+#### Disable trailing whitespace error highlighting
+If having trailing whitespace highlighted as an error is a bit much, the
+following line can be added to your `~/.vimrc` to disable it:
+ let coffee_no_trailing_space_error = 1
+#### Disable trailing semicolon error highlighting
+Likewise for the highlighting of trailing semicolons:
+ let coffee_no_trailing_semicolon_error = 1
12 syntax/coffee.vim
@@ -122,12 +122,16 @@ syntax region coffeeHeredoc start=/'''/ end=/'''/ contains=@coffeeSimpleString
highlight default link coffeeHeredoc String
" Displays an error for trailing whitespace
-syntax match coffeeSpaceError /\s\+$/ display
-highlight default link coffeeSpaceError Error
+if !exists("coffee_no_trailing_space_error")
+ syntax match coffeeSpaceError /\s\+$/ display
+ highlight default link coffeeSpaceError Error
" Displays an error for trailing semicolons
-syntax match coffeeSemicolonError /;$/ display
-highlight default link coffeeSemicolonError Error
+if !exists("coffee_no_trailing_semicolon_error")
+ syntax match coffeeSemicolonError /;$/ display
+ highlight default link coffeeSemicolonError Error
" Displays an error for reserved words
syntax keyword coffeeReservedError case default do function var void with const
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