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-Thanks to these contributors:
+Thanks to all bug reporters, and special thanks to those who have contributed
- Brian Egan:
+ Brian Egan (brianegan):
Initial compiling support
- Ches Martin:
+ Ches Martin (ches):
Initial vim docs
- Chris Hoffman:
+ Chris Hoffman (cehoffman):
Add new keywoards from, to, and do
Highlight the - in negative integers
Add here regex highlighting, increase fold level for here docs
- David Wilhelm:
+ David Wilhelm (bigfish):
CoffeeRun command
- Jay Adkisson:
+ Jay Adkisson (jayferd):
Support for eco templates
- Karl Guertin:
+ Karl Guertin (grayrest)
Cakefiles are coffeescript
- Maciej Konieczny:
+ Maciej Konieczny (narfdotpl):
Fix funny typo
- Nick Stenning:
+ Nick Stenning (nickstenning):
Fold by indentation for coffeescript
- Simon Lipp:
+ Simon Lipp (sloonz):
Trailing spaces are not error on lines containing only spaces
- Stéphan Kochen:
+ Stéphan Kochen (stephank):
Initial HTML CoffeeScript highlighting
- Wei Dai:
+ Wei Dai (clvv):
Fix the use of Vim built-in make command.
-And thanks to anyone who files or has filed a bug report.

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