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Highlight the "from" keyword, for the for...from construct
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kchmck committed Feb 27, 2018
2 parents de6b632 + 9795ab3 commit 9e3b4de2a476caeb6ff21b5da20966d7c67a98bb
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@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ hi def link coffeeConditional Conditional
syn match coffeeException /\<\%(try\|catch\|finally\)\>/ display
hi def link coffeeException Exception
-syn match coffeeKeyword /\<\%(new\|in\|of\|by\|and\|or\|not\|is\|isnt\|class\|extends\|super\|do\|yield\|debugger\|import\|export\|default\|await\)\>/
+syn match coffeeKeyword /\<\%(new\|in\|of\|from\|by\|and\|or\|not\|is\|isnt\|class\|extends\|super\|do\|yield\|debugger\|import\|export\|default\|await\)\>/
\ display
" The `own` keyword is only a keyword after `for`.
syn match coffeeKeyword /\<for\s\+own\>/ contained containedin=coffeeRepeat

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