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ppvg commented Feb 8, 2013

Inspired by (and based on) vim-cute-python.

After enabling g:coffee_cute, certain keywords are replaced with their equivalent mathematical notation (such as ∈, ∧ and ∨) and function arrows are converted to unicode as well.

CoffeeScript is pretty terse already, so I doubt anyone will use this, but it's a nice showcase of conceal, don't you think?

@ppvg ppvg Replace keywords with symbols using "conceal".
Replaces certains keywords with their equivalent mathematical notation,
such as ∈, ∧ and ∨, as well as UTF-8 arrow symbols for functions.

To enable, put 'let g:coffee_cute = 1' in your .vimrc.
Vim 7.3 (with "conceal" enabled) is required.

I like it, other than the places that have provisions for is not, which is not a special production in CoffeeScript. Those should be removed.

Related: jashkenas/coffee-script#1679

I think this is a great feature. I use and contribute to vim-cute-python. But in the interests of separating code, I think this should be a distinct vim plugin.

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