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Keymap Dojo

  • Create new project (Maven will be ok)

  • Right now you can use only keyboard

  • Create new class "Dojo" with psvm

  • add sout with "message" message (sout)

  • duplicate five times line created before

  • change last "message" to "last"

  • move last line to the top

  • extract "message" to const

  • move cursor on the begging and end

  • move cursor between whitespaces

  • extract one of "meesage" line to other method

  • create test for this class

  • show all tests for this class

  • copy and paste code below to DojoTest class:

public void dojoTest() {
    assertEquals("First", dojoMethod(1));
    assertEquals("Second", dojoMethod(2));
    assertEquals("Other", dojoMethod(3));

private String dojoMethod(int value) {
    if (value == 1) {
        return "First";
    } else if (value == 2) {
        return "Second";
    return "Other";
  • run tests for a first time

  • run tests for a second time

  • add breakpoint on first and second assertion and line with "Other"

  • go to assertEquals definition

  • on assertEquals definition show usages

  • close assert class editor

  • run tests on debug

  • go inside

  • step over

  • switch to other breakpoint

  • evaluate "dojoMethod(2)"

  • switch to other breakpoint

  • increase font size

  • find "message" in Dojo class file

  • find "Second" in path

  • show Dojo class hierachy

  • copy and paste code below to Dojo class:

private String dojoSurround(int value) {
    return "Message";
  • surround return statement with if/else

  • go to line number 20 in DojoTest class

  • make the shrink selection for a few times

  • back to previous file cursor position

  • go to settings

  • change theme

  • go to project settings and change project name

  • enter presentation mode

  • exit presentation mode

  • open project view

  • open structure view

  • make full screen on active editor

  • switch recent files

  • switch card tabs

  • go to settings

  • change theme once again