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AWS ECR Action

This Action allows you to create Docker images and push into a ECR repository.


Parameter Type Default Description
access_key_id string Your AWS access key id
secret_access_key string Your AWS secret access key
account_id string Your AWS Account ID
repo string Name of your ECR repository
region string Your AWS region
create_repo boolean false Set this to true to create the repository if it does not already exist
set_repo_policy boolean false Set this to true to set a IAM policy on the repository
repo_policy_file string repo-policy.json Set this to repository policy statement json file. only used if the set_repo_policy is set to true
image_scanning_configuration boolean false Set this to True if you want AWS to scan your images for vulnerabilities
tags string latest Comma-separated string of ECR image tags (ex latest,1.0.0,)
dockerfile string Dockerfile The path to the Dockerfile to be used (e.g., path/to/Dockerfile)
extra_build_args string "" Extra flags to pass to docker build (see
cache_from string "" Images to use as cache for the docker build (see --cache-from argument
path string . Path to Dockerfile, defaults to the working directory
prebuild_script string Relative path from top-level to script to run before Docker build
registry_ids string : A comma-delimited list of AWS account IDs that are associated with the ECR registries. If you do not specify a registry, the default ECR registry is assumed


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - uses: docker://
        access_key_id: ${{ secrets.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID }}
        secret_access_key: ${{ secrets.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY }}
        account_id: ${{ secrets.AWS_ACCOUNT_ID }}
        repo: docker/repo
        region: ap-northeast-2
        tags: latest,${{ github.sha }}
        create_repo: true
        image_scanning_configuration: true
        set_repo_policy: true
        repo_policy_file: repo-policy.json

If you don't want to use the latest docker image, you can point to any reference in the repo directly.

  - uses: kciter/aws-ecr-action@master
  # or
  - uses: kciter/aws-ecr-action@v3
  # or
  - uses: kciter/aws-ecr-action@0589ad88c51a1b08fd910361ca847ee2cb708a30


The MIT License (MIT)