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QtPyVCP - QtPy Virtual Control Panel

Travis CI pypi version LinuxCNC 2.8

QtPyVCP is a Qt and Python based framework for building virtual control panels for the LinuxCNC machine control.

The goal is to provide a no-code, drag-and-drop system for making simple VCPs, as well as a straightforward, flexible and extensible framework to aid in building complex VCPs.


QtPyVCP master branch is now python 3 only

Do I need to install master branch?

Only if you want to use linuxcnc 2.9.0~pre or help porting qtpyvcp to python3

Master branch is our develop channel, we offer stable releases but none yet for Python3, latest python2 release is 0.3.19

a maintenance branch is keept until linuxcnc 2.9 is released

to install it you need to run

pip install -U git+

What I need to install? You may need a linuxcnc 2.9.0~pre or latter detailed packages requiered for runtime or develop are mentioned here:

How does affect your VCP? You only need to run in your VCP root directory

In runtime mode how does affect my configs?

Nothing it should be transparent

I have python component run 2to3.pyin yor component directory

Installation and Usage

See the documentation.


Documentation and Help


  • LinuxCNC 2.8^ or master
  • Python 3.6^
  • PyQt5 or PySide2

QtPyVCP is developed and tested using the Debian 10 and 11 x64 (buster and bullseye) Live ISO. It should run on any system that can have PyQt5 installed, but Debian 9 and 10 x64 is the only OS that is officially supported.


THE AUTHORS OF THIS SOFTWARE ACCEPT ABSOLUTELY NO LIABILITY FOR ANY HARM OR LOSS RESULTING FROM ITS USE. IT IS EXTREMELY UNWISE TO RELY ON SOFTWARE ALONE FOR SAFETY. Any machinery capable of harming persons must have provisions for completely removing power from all motors, etc, before persons enter any danger area. All machinery must be designed to comply with local and national safety codes, and the authors of this software can not, and do not, take any responsibility for such compliance.

This software is released under the GPLv2.