These are the course slides for the GDI Dayton Introduction to Programming with Ruby
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Intro to Ruby

The slides for this course can be viewed here

This is an Intro to Ruby course, Original material by Cheri Allen and Heather Moore. Adapted by K.C. Jones-Evans of the Dayton chapter.

The course is meant to be taught in 5 two-hour sections, but KC decided to do 4 three-hour sessions plus ruby installfest. Each of the slides and practice files are customizable according to the needs of a given class or audience.


Setup (Class 0) aka Ruby Installfest

Installfest & Intro to Command Line

Get your developement environment set up on your machine. Install Ruby, Rails, and Git, with the assistance of some helpful volunteers.

Class 1

Intro to programming in Ruby

What is programming? What is Ruby? We'll give you some context for the class, then dive right into writing code! Using the Interactive Ruby Shell, we'll begin experimenting with variables, methods, and data types. We'll end the class by writing a little interactive command line program.

Class 2

Structured programming (loops and conditions), working with collections data types

We'll create small programs in the text editor that use conditionals and loops for control flow. Then, we'll explore Ruby's collections data types, and see some of the ways we can work with them.

Class 3

Object Oriented Programming, part I

We'll discuss the basic concepts of object oriented programming. We'll write our own methods, and explore some of the predefined methods that are available in Ruby for certain classes of object.

Class 4

Object Oriented Programming, part II

We will expand our knowledge of OOP by discussing classes and inheritance. We will tie together everything we've learned with a relatively complex, totally fun final project.


Ready to start programming? Want to learn one language that you can use to build web apps and iPhone apps, do system administration, and security? Then you're ready to learn Ruby.

Ruby is an open source language that powers applications and products like Hulu, LivingSocial, Groupon, and Github. There is a thriving, friendly community of users, and the job market for developers is strong.

Through this five course series, you'll get a throrough introduction to programming fundamentals with Ruby. We'll use the Interactive RuBy shell; write command line programs that use loops, conditionals, methods, and classes; and learn the basics of object oriented programming. We'll mix lecture and practice, and help guide you through the coursework.

We'll spend part of the first class meeting setting up your development environment, so there's no need to install software ahead of time. Just bring your laptop and be prepared to start coding!