Django app to provide integration with IIPImage server.
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Django app to provide integration with IIPImage server.

To use, add iipimage to INSTALLED_APPS and appropriate values for the following two variables in

  • IMAGE_SERVER_URL - the URL of the IIPImage server script
  • IMAGE_SERVER_ROOT - the path to where the images are to be stored

In the model definition, use something along the following lines:

import iipimage.fields

class Image (models.Model):

    image = iipimage.fields.ImageField(,

iipimage.fields.ImageField supports the height_field and width_field arguments, and has a thumbnail_url method that returns a URL for a thumbnail at the specified height and/or width.

For example, to provide a thumbnail suitable for use in Django's admin as well as elsewhere, the following method on the image's model should suffice:

from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe

class Image (models.Model):


    def thumbnail (self, height=100):
        """Displays a thumbnail-sized version of this image."""
        html = ''
            url = image.thumbnail_url(height=height)
            html = mark_safe('<img height="{}" src="{}">'.format(height, url))
        return html
    thumbnail.allow_tags = True
    thumbnail.short_description = 'Thumbnail'