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Hawaii Ultimate Web Site

You've found the Github repository of the Hawaii Ultimate League Association's web site. Here you'll find a public copy of our home page free to fork, copy, edit (and hopefully contribute back).

Project structure

The master branch is treated as the development copy of the website, and it lives here on Github. The live production version is mirrored on the web server and is updated automatically. Anything contributed to the development copy is safe from being pushed to the live server until it has been thoroughly tested.

How to contribute


Fork this repository and clone a copy to your local machine.


Edit your local copy. Ideally, you'll have an (X)AMP environment ready on your machine (where X stands for W[indows], M[ac], or [L]inux). If you would like a copy of the latest development database, email @kcmckell for a copy.

Ask to be included

When you're ready to share with the class, issue a pull request. I'll take a peek, make sure everything checks out, and then fold your contributions into the main project.

Maintenance notes


Several of the components of the site are managed as git submodules. These include Wordpress itself as well as a few plugins (Buddypress, e.g.).


Many Wordpress plugins are maintained publicly with SVN. The ones that we use are maintained separately, and then copied in to the appropriate directory when they have been updated.


The server version of the site and its database are backed up regularly using custom scripts run as Cron jobs.