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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# usage: compile and launch MQsolver according to the parameters.
# Run -h for details
import argparse
import sys
import subprocess
import os
import time
import itertools
import shutil
start_stamp = time.time()
def print_stamp(*arg, file=sys.stdout):
stamp = time.time() - start_stamp
print("%12.2f - " % stamp, end='', file=file)
print(*arg, file=file)
def str2bool(b):
if b.lower() in ('yes', 'true', 't', 'y', '1'):
return True
elif b.lower() in ('no', 'false', 'f', 'n', '0'):
return False
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError('Boolean value expected.')
prog_name = 'MQsolver'
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog=prog_name)
parser.add_argument("-s", "--seed", help="use the seed to initialize the "
"random number sequence. Default seed is random.", type=int)
parser.add_argument("-a", "--algorithm", help="which algorithm to use. "
"Can be fast_ex or crossbred. "
"Default is %(default)s.", type=str, default='crossbred')
parser.add_argument("MQfile", help="input MQ challenge file.",
parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbose", help="print extra information.",
parser.add_argument("-o", "--output-file", help="dump the output, both stdout "
"and stderr to the file.", type=argparse.FileType('w'))
parser.add_argument('--verbose-compile', help="show compile messages",
exe_cmd = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
exe_cmd.add_argument("-C", "--compile",
help="compile but do not invoke %(prog)s",
exe_cmd.add_argument("-X", "--execute", help="do no compile and use existing "
"%(prog)s executable from previous compilation. It is the "
"user's responsibility to ensure the number of variables "
"to keep remains the same.", action='store_true')
parser.add_argument("-H", "--host-file", help="launch %(prog)s in cluster "
"mode. This machine acts as the master node while the "
"machines in the host file server as slave nodes. The "
"master node copies the MQ challenge file and distributes "
"the workload evenly to the slave nodes. Once a slave node "
"finds a solution. The master node kills the rest of "
"the slave nodes. "
"The host file consists of lines, where each line is in "
"the following format: "
"<user name>@<ip address | domain name>:<port>",
cluster_mode_opts = parser.add_argument_group('cluster mode',
'options for cluster mode')
cluster_mode_opts.add_argument("--cluster-stdout", help="the directory where "
"the stdout output from the slave nodes will be "
"stored. Default is %(default)s",
default='mq_stdout', type=str)
cluster_mode_opts.add_argument("--cluster-stderr", help="the directory where "
"the stderr output from the slave nodes will be "
"stored. Default is %(default)s",
default='mq_stderr', type=str)
cluster_mode_opts.add_argument("-K", "--key-file",
help="which ssh key file to use for "
"the cluster mode.", type=argparse.FileType('r'))
cluster_mode_opts.add_argument("-W", "--work-dir",
help="the directory on a slave node where "
"the %(prog)s executable locates.", type=str)
cluster_mode_opts.add_argument("-N", "--gpu-num", help="number of GPUs on a "
"slave node in the cluster. Default is %(default)s.",
type=int, default=1)
cluster_mode_opts.add_argument("-P", "--poll-period", help="period of polling "
"slave nodes for result. Default is %(default)s "
"seconds.", type=int, default=1800)
cluster_mode_opts.add_argument("--email-notice", help="send a notification to "
"the email address when a solution is found or "
"when the cluster is done. This relies on a "
"configured mutt email client.", type=str)
cluster_mode_opts.add_argument("--ignore-fail", help="do not abort when a "
"slave node in the cluster failed.",
parser.add_argument("--no-clean", help="do not delete temporary files "
"and executable after %(prog)s finishes",
crossbred_opts = parser.add_argument_group('crossbred',
'options for crossbred algorithm')
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-d', '--degree', help="degree of the Macaulay "
"matrix. Can be 3 or 4. (Default is %(default)s).",
default=3, type=int)
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-k', '--keep-var-num', help="number of variables "
"to keep after linearization. Should be no larger "
"than the number of variables in the sub-system "
"after fixing variables.", type=int)
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-t', '--thread-fix-num', help="number of "
"variables to fix by a GPU kernel. The number of "
"GPU threads to launch is therefore 2^t. For "
"example, passing 10 will launch 2^10 GPU threads.",
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-T', '--cpu-thread-num', help="number of CPU "
"threads to use. Default is the number of detected "
"logical cores (hyper-threads).", type=int)
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-f', '--subsys-fix-num', help="number of "
"variables to fix in a subsystem before launching "
"GPU kernel. Default is %(default)s.", type=int,
mq_process = crossbred_opts.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
mq_process.add_argument('-q', '--mq-fix-num', help="number of variables to fix "
"in the MQ system before computing Macaulay matrix. "
"Default is %(default)s. This option is mandatory in "
"cluster mode.", type=int, default=0)
mq_process.add_argument('-Q', '--mq-fix-file', help="fix variables in the MQ "
"system before computing Macaulay matrix according to "
"the configuration file, where the first line contains "
"two integer, e.g. 3 2, which specifies the number of "
"variables to fix and the number of proprocess "
"configurations. Each of the remaining line is a tuple "
"of 1 and 0 that specifies one preprocess "
"configuration, e.g. "
"1 1 0 fixes x_n = 0, x_{n-1} = 1, x_{n-2} = 1. "
"Alternatively, the file can contain one single line "
"consisting of 3 intergers, e.g. 3 4 1, "
"which specifies the number of variables to fix, the "
"number of preprocess configurations, and the starting "
"preproccess configuration. "
"This option is ignored in cluster mode.",
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-g', '--gpu-dev-id', help="id of the GPU device "
"to use. Default is %(default)s. This option is "
"ignored in cluster mode.", default=0, type=int)
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-M', '--macaulay-stats', help="Collect statistics "
"about Macaulay matrix.", action='store_true')
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-R', '--mq-max-ratio', help="maximal density of "
"each row in the matrix representing the MQ system "
"after preprocessing. Default is %(default)s.",
type=float, default=0.5)
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-e', '--subsys-candidate-keep-num', help="number "
"of equations to keep as sub-system candidates. "
"Default is %(default)s.", default=64, type=int)
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-E', '--subsys-eq-keep-num', help="number of "
"equations to keep in the sub-system. Default is "
"%(default)s and maximum is 32.", default=32, type=int)
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-c', '--cpu-reduction', help="use CPU "
"to perform Gaussian elimination on reduced "
"Macaulay matrix. This might be necessary when the "
"size of the reduced Macaulay matrix does not fix "
"into GPU memory.", action='store_true')
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-m', '--mailbox-num', help="number of solution "
"candidates to keep in the mailbox. Default is "
"%(default)s and maximum is 2^32-1.",
default=(2 ** 15), type=int)
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-L', '--count-linear-dep', help="count the number "
"of underdetermined linear systems obtained by "
"linearize the sub-system. This increases runtime "
"considerably.", action='store_true')
crossbred_opts.add_argument('-J', '--init-gj', help="specify if Gauss-Jordan "
"elimination should be performed on the initial MQ "
"system. Default to %(default)s.", default=True,
crossbred_opts.add_argument('--mq-ext-file', help="Output file for extsub and "
" bruteforcce mode. "
"Ignored if in default mode.", type=str)
crossbred_opts.add_argument('--mode', help="Mode of MQsolver. Can be "
"default: simply solve the MQ system, "
"extsub: (experimental) extract sub-systems and output "
"them into a file, "
"bruteforce: (experimental) read extracted sub-systems "
"from a file and "
"bruteforce with them.", type=str, default='default')
args = parser.parse_args()
build_dir = 'build'
if args.algorithm == 'crossbred':
if not args.keep_var_num:
print_stamp("[!] missing option: -k", file=sys.stderr)
if not args.thread_fix_num:
print_stamp("[!] missing option: -t", file=sys.stderr)
def check_subproc(proc, verbose=False, exit=True):
if proc.returncode != 0:
print_stamp("[!] subprocess failed")
result = proc.stderr.readlines()
for line in result:
print_stamp('\t' + line.decode('utf-8'), file=sys.stderr)
if exit:
if verbose:
result = proc.stdout.readlines()
for line in result:
print_stamp('\t' + line.decode('utf-8'), file=sys.stderr)
def format_key_opt(args):
return "-i %s" % if args.key_file else ''
def format_slave_mqcha(args):
return "%s/%s" % (args.work_dir, os.path.basename(
def format_scp_cmd(host, port, args):
key_opt = format_key_opt(args)
return "scp %s -P %s %s %s:%s" % (key_opt, port,,
host, format_slave_mqcha(args))
def format_compile_cmd(host, port, args):
key_opt = format_key_opt(args)
dep_opt = "-DGC_DEPC_LSYS" if args.count_linear_dep else ''
cmd = "ssh %s -p %s %s 'cd %s && mkdir -p %d && cd %d" % (key_opt, port, host,
args.work_dir, build_dir, build_dir)
cmd += "&& cmake -DKEEP_VAR_NUM=%d -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=\"%s\" .. && make" % (
args.keep_var_num, dep_opt)
return cmd
def prep_fname(prep_fnum, id):
return "prep%d-%d.txt" % (prep_fnum, id)
def to_binary(num, digit_num):
return ''.join(list("{0:b}".format(num).zfill(digit_num)))
def format_gen_prep_cmd(host, port, args, id, start, chunk_size):
key_opt = format_key_opt(args)
prep_file = prep_fname(args.mq_fix_num, id)
cmd = "ssh %s -p %s %s 'cd %s && ./bin/ %s %d %d %d'" % (key_opt,
port, host, args.work_dir, prep_file, args.mq_fix_num,
start, chunk_size)
return cmd
def mq_log_fname(host, port, id):
return "%s-%s-%d.txt" % (host, port, id)
def format_mq_cmd(host, port, args, id):
key_opt = format_key_opt(args)
verbose_opt = '--verbose' if args.verbose else ''
seed_opt = '--seed=%d' if args.seed else ''
mac_stats_opt = '--mac_stats' if args.macaulay_stats else ''
prep_file = prep_fname(args.mq_fix_num, id)
cpu_reduc_opt = '--rmac_cpu' if args.cpu_reduction else ''
cpu_thread_opt = '--thread_num=%d' % args.cpu_thread_num if \
args.cpu_thread_num else ''
ofile = mq_log_fname(host, port, id)
cmd = "ssh %s -p %s %s 'screen -dmS mqsolver_session%d " % (key_opt, port, host, id)
cmd += "bash -c \"cd %s && ./mqsolver --challenge=%s " % (args.work_dir,
cmd += "--algorithm=%s --macaulay_deg=%d %s --keep_var=%d --kf_var=%d " % (
args.algorithm,, verbose_opt, args.keep_var_num,
cmd += "--mac_keq=%d --mailbox_size=%d %s %s --sub_fvar=%d " % (
args.subsys_candidate_keep_num, args.mailbox_num, seed_opt,
mac_stats_opt, args.subsys_fix_num)
cmd += "--dev_id=%d --mq_fix=%s %s --mq_ratio=%f " % (id, prep_file,
cpu_reduc_opt, args.mq_max_ratio)
cmd += "%s --sub_keq=%d &> %s\"'" % (cpu_thread_opt, args.subsys_eq_keep_num,
return cmd
def format_scp_stats_cmd(host, port, args, id):
key_opt = format_key_opt(args)
ofile = mq_log_fname(host, port, id)
return "scp %s -P %s %s:%s/%s %s/%s" % (key_opt, port, host, args.work_dir,
ofile, args.cluster_stdout, ofile)
def format_check_cmd(host, port, args):
key_opt = format_key_opt(args)
return "ssh %s -p %s %s 'pgrep mqsolver'" % (key_opt, port, host)
def format_kill_cmd(host, port, args, id):
key_opt = format_key_opt(args)
return "ssh %s -p %s %s 'screen -X -S mqsolver_session%d quit'" % (key_opt,
port, host, id)
def format_clean_cmd(host, port, args):
key_opt = format_key_opt(args)
cmd = "ssh %s -p %s %s 'cd %s && rm -rf %s && " % (key_opt,
port, host, args.work_dir, build_dir)
cmd += "rm -rf %s-%s-*.txt %s'" % (host, port,
return cmd
if args.host_file:
print_stamp("[+] mode: cluster")
if args.mq_fix_file:
print_stamp("[!] ignore local preprocess configuration file in cluster mode",
args.mq_fix_file = None
if not args.work_dir:
print_stamp("[!] missing option: -W", file=sys.stderr)
if args.mq_fix_num == 0:
print_stamp("[!] invalid option: -q %d" % args.mq_fix_num)
hosts = args.host_file.readlines()
procs = []
if not args.execute:
print_stamp("[+] compiling %s on the cluster..." % prog_name)
for line in hosts:
host, port = line.strip().split(':')
cmd = format_compile_cmd(host, port, args)
comp_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
for proc in procs:
if proc.returncode != 0:
print_stamp("[!] %s failed, return code %d" %
(''.join(proc.args), proc.returncode), file=sys.stderr)
if args.compile:
procs = []
print_stamp("[+] copying MQ challenge file to the cluster...")
for line in hosts:
host, port = line.strip().split(':')
cmd = format_scp_cmd(host, port, args)
scp = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
for proc in procs:
if proc.returncode != 0:
print_stamp("[!] %s failed, return code %d" %
(''.join(proc.args), proc.returncode), file=sys.stderr)
procs = []
print_stamp("[+] generating preprocess configuration on the cluster...")
total_proc_num = len(hosts) * args.gpu_num
prep_num = 2 ** args.mq_fix_num
chunk_size = int(prep_num / total_proc_num)
remainder = prep_num - total_proc_num * chunk_size
print_stamp("number of processes to create: %d\n"
"\t\tnumber of preprocess configurations: 2^%d\n"
"\t\tdistribution: %d x %d + %d x %d" % (
total_proc_num, args.mq_fix_num, chunk_size,
total_proc_num - remainder, chunk_size+1, remainder))
launch_info = []
start = 0
for line, id in itertools.product(hosts, range(0, args.gpu_num)):
if remainder > 0:
cur_chunk_size = chunk_size + 1
remainder -= 1
cur_chunk_size = chunk_size
host, port = line.strip().split(':')
cmd = format_gen_prep_cmd(host, port, args, id, start, cur_chunk_size)
gen_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
launch_info.append({'host': host, 'port': port, 'id': id,
'start': start, 'chunk_size': cur_chunk_size})
start += cur_chunk_size
for proc in procs:
if proc.returncode != 0:
print_stamp("[!] %s failed, return code %d" %
(''.join(proc.args), proc.returncode), file=sys.stderr)
procs = []
print_stamp("[+] invoking %s on the cluster..." % prog_name)
if not os.path.exists(args.cluster_stdout):
print_stamp("creating directory: %s" % args.cluster_stdout)
os.makedirs(args.cluster_stdout, exist_ok=True)
if not os.path.exists(args.cluster_stderr):
print_stamp("creating directory: %s" % args.cluster_stderr)
os.makedirs(args.cluster_stderr, exist_ok=True)
for cfg in launch_info:
host = cfg['host']
port = cfg['port']
id = cfg['id']
cmd = format_mq_cmd(host, port, args, id)
mq_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
for proc in procs:
if proc.returncode != 0:
print_stamp("[!] %s failed, return code %d" %
(''.join(proc.args), proc.returncode), file=sys.stderr)
print_stamp("[+] starting to poll the cluster periodically")
print_stamp("polling period: %d seconds" % args.poll_period)
done = False
found_sol = False
while done == False and found_sol == False:
print_stamp("[+] pulling results from the cluster...")
procs = []
for cfg in launch_info:
host = cfg['host']
port = cfg['port']
id = cfg['id']
cmd = format_scp_stats_cmd(host, port, args, id)
pull_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
for proc in procs:
if proc.returncode != 0:
print_stamp("[!] %s failed, return code %d" %
(''.join(proc.args), proc.returncode), file=sys.stderr)
if not args.ignore_fail:
print_stamp("[+] checking results from the cluster...")
cmd = "grep 'solution found' %s/*" % args.cluster_stdout
check_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
if check_proc.returncode == 0:
print_stamp("[+] a solution is found")
found_sol = True
elif check_proc.returncode == 1:
print_stamp("[-] no solution found yet")
print_stamp("[!] error while checking results, return code %d" %
check_proc.returncode, file=sys.stderr)
print_stamp("[+] checking the status of the cluster")
done = True
for cfg in launch_info:
host = cfg['host']
port = cfg['port']
cmd = format_check_cmd(host, port, args)
check_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
if check_proc.returncode == 0:
done = False
elif check_proc.returncode != 1:
print_stamp("[!] error while checking MQsolver status, return code %d" %
check_proc.returncode, file=sys.stderr)
if not done:
procs = []
print_stamp("[+] killing the rest of the cluster...")
for line in hosts:
host, port = line.strip().split(':')
for id in range(0, args.gpu_num):
cmd = format_kill_cmd(host, port, args, id)
kill_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
for proc in procs:
if proc.returncode != 0:
print_stamp("[!] %s failed, return code %d" %
(''.join(proc.args), proc.returncode), file=sys.stderr)
procs = []
if not found_sol:
print_stamp("[-] solution not found")
if args.email_notice:
print_stamp("[+] sending notification to %s..." % args.email_notice)
cmd = "mutt -s '%s finishes' %s < /dev/null" % (prog_name,
mail_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
if mail_proc.returncode != 0:
print_stamp('[!] failed to send notification to %s' % args.email_notice)
if args.no_clean:
print_stamp("[+] cleaning...")
for line in hosts:
host, port = line.strip().split(':')
cmd = format_clean_cmd(host, port, args)
clean_proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
for proc in procs:
if proc.returncode != 0:
print_stamp("[!] %s failed, return code %d" %
(''.join(proc.args), proc.returncode), file=sys.stderr)
print_stamp("[+] mode: normal")
if not args.execute:
extra_cflags = ""
if args.count_linear_dep:
extra_cflags += " -DGC_DEPC_LSYS"
if os.path.exists(build_dir):
print_stamp("cleaning directory: %s" % build_dir)
print_stamp("creating directory: %s" % build_dir)
print_stamp("[+] generating C code according to the parameters...")
cmd = "cd %s && cmake -DKEEP_VAR_NUM=%d -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=%s .." % (
build_dir, args.keep_var_num, extra_cflags)
with subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True,
stderr=subprocess.PIPE) as gen_meta:
print_stamp("[+] compiling %s..." % prog_name)
compile_stdout = subprocess.PIPE
compile_stderr = subprocess.PIPE
if args.verbose_compile:
compile_stdout = sys.stdout
compile_stderr = sys.stderr
cmd = "cd %s && make" % build_dir
with subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=compile_stdout,
stderr=compile_stderr) as compile_proc:
if args.compile:
if args.mq_fix_num != 0:
args.mq_fix_file = "prep%s.txt" % args.mq_fix_num
print_stamp("[+] generating preprocess configuration file: %s..." %
with subprocess.Popen(["bin/", args.mq_fix_file,
str(2 ** args.mq_fix_num)],
stderr=subprocess.PIPE) as gen_prepcfg:
print_stamp("[+] invoking %s..." % prog_name)
run_stdout = sys.stdout
run_stderr = sys.stderr
if args.output_file:
print_stamp("[+] piping output to file: %s..." %
run_stdout = args.output_file
run_stderr = args.output_file
with subprocess.Popen(['./%s/mqsolver' % build_dir,
'--challenge=%s' %,
'--algorithm=%s' % args.algorithm,
'--macaulay_deg=%d' %,
'--verbose' if args.verbose else '',
'--keep_var=%d' % args.keep_var_num,
'--kf_var=%d' % args.thread_fix_num,
'--mq_fix=%s' % args.mq_fix_file if args.mq_fix_file
else '',
'--mac_keq=%d' % args.subsys_candidate_keep_num,
'--seed=%d%' % args.seed if args.seed else ''
'--mailbox_size=%d' % args.mailbox_num,
'--mac_stats' if args.macaulay_stats else '',
'--sub_fvar=%d' % args.subsys_fix_num,
'--dev_id=%d' % args.gpu_dev_id,
'--rmac_cpu' if args.cpu_reduction else '',
'--mq_ratio=%f' % args.mq_max_ratio,
'--thread_num=%d' % args.cpu_thread_num if
args.cpu_thread_num else ''
'--sub_keq=%d' % args.subsys_eq_keep_num,
'--init_gj=%s' % str(args.init_gj).lower(),
'--mq_ext_file=%s' % args.mq_ext_file if args.mq_ext_file
else '',
'--mode=%s' % args.mode,
stdout=run_stdout, stderr=run_stderr) as run_proc:
if args.no_clean:
print_stamp("[+] cleaning...")
cmd = "rm -rf %s %s" % (build_dir, args.mq_fix_file if
args.mq_fix_file else '')
with subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True) as clean_proc:
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