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Kernel packaging for Mer
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Welcome to mer kernel template packaging. This is a template that is just one example
how one can package kernel for Mer, you can use with modification or do your own if 
you want. In this README file there are some usual steps that are used to create the
kernel packaging.

** Create kernel package to the obs e.g.
$ osc meta pkg home:<user> kernel-adaptation-<myAdaptation> -e

** Copy this sample kernel there and rename files from kernel-adaptation-sample to

** Get kernel source tarball and include it to the packaging directory.

** Change .yaml file to include proper adaptation name, i.e., replace sample
with <myAdaptation>. Change kernel version to match your kernel version in tarball

** Change the macros to match your own adaptation needs

** Copy config file on top of the kernel-adaptation-<myAdaptation>.config
Verify that all the mer kernel options are enabled as they should, with
$ mer_verify_kernel_config < kernel-adaptation-<myAdaptation>.config

It is also recommended to do make oldconfig so that all the options are shown in the
config file properly. This can be done for example by adding 

make oldconfig
exit 1

after the "cp %{SOURCE1} ./.config" line in .spec file and build the kernel once and 
copy the resulting .config file from the buildroot on top of the config file in
the obs packaging. After this is done remove the make oldconfig from .spec and build for 
real as shown below. 

** Compile the kernel and test that it packages ok:
$ osc build --no-verify

** Add entry to .changes file that describes what was done.

** Submit the files to OBS
$ osc ar
$ osc ci -m "My intial kernel packaging"

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