Demonstrates the use of multiple GLKViewControllers as modal and child view controllers.
Objective-C GLSL
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I built this project to test:

  • Can you can use multiple GLKViewControllers in a single app?
  • Can you use the child view controller mechanism would to present two GLKViewControllers on the same screen?

It appears to work just fine!


  • KMCOpenGLViewController is the example GLKViewController from the "OpenGL Game" Xcode template.
  • KMCRootViewController is a KMCOpenGLViewController that, when tapped, presents a KMCContainerViewController modally.
  • KMCContainerViewController is a plain UIViewController that creates two KMCOpenGLViewControllers as child view controllers. When either is tapped, the modal view dismisses.
  • KMCAppDelegate presents a KMCRootViewController in a window.