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OpenSimProfile is an add-on profile module for use with the Open Simulator project

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OpenSimProfile add-on module for Open Simulator


A webserver with PHP 4.3 (or later) and with XMLRPC support.
NOTE: Not all webservers include XMLRPC support in their default installation.

About the files

README - The file you are currently reading

bin/OpenSimProfile.Modules.dll - A pre-compiled module you can use

OpenSimProfile/ - Source code for OpenSim profile module

webroot/*.php - Files to install on webserver

webroot/sql/osprofile.sql - This will create the needed database tables
webroot/sql/update-*.sql  - Files used to update an older installation

How it works

If you are looking for a detailed explanation of how the add-on profile system
works you should study the contents of the files which accompany this README
file. What follows is a general overview of the profile package to give you
an idea of how the pieces fit together in case you have any problems.

There are three main components to OpenSimProfile which are a database, a DLL
file, and a couple of PHP files.

The profile database contains five tables. Four of the tables hold the profile
information. The fifth table holds information about classified ads and is a
table also used by the OpenSim search module, ossearch.

Compiling the module

The easiest way to create the DLL file needed by OpenSim is to add the
OpenSimProfile C# source file to the source tree of OpenSim so it will
be compiled at the same time that OpenSim is compiled.

Copy the OpenSimProfile directory in to the addon-modules directory of your
OpenSim source tree. After you have done that, compile OpenSim in the usual
way (runprebuild and nant) to create the DLL file.  When nant finishes, you
will have an OpenSimProfile.Modules.dll file in the main bin directory of
your OpenSim source tree along with a matching .pdb (or .mdb) file. These
two files will be copied to the bin directory of your OpenSim instances
during the installation or update steps.

First time installation and configuration

The first installation step is the creation of a database that will hold
the profile data. If you have already installed the add-on ossearch module
you should use the ossearch database as the search and profile modules
share some tables in common.

If you don't have the ossearch module installed you will need to create a
new database that will hold the profile tables. Once you know the name of
the database you will be using for the profile data you can use osprofile.sql
(located in the webroot/sql directory) to create the required tables in the
database. The name of this database will be needed in a later step when you
configure one of the PHP files.

Copy the PHP files (located in the webroot directory) to your webserver.
Remember to set the ownership and permissions on the files so the webserver
may access the files. Use a text editor to open databaseinfo.php and enter
the name or IP address of the database server, the name of the database,
and the user name and password required to access the database.

As of Subversion revision 110 of osprofile, there are two main profile PHP
files: profile.php, and profile_mysqli.php. Only one of these two files is
needed. If you want to use the mysqli based profile_mysqli.php file you can
delete the profile.php file and rename profile_mysqli.php to profile.php.
If you don't rename the profile_mysqli.php file you will need to alter the
ProfileURL line shown below with the name of the mysqli based file.

The next part of the installation process is to set up and configure your
OpenSim instances.

Copy the two OpenSimProfile.Modules files created during the compile steps
(above) to the bin directory of each of your OpenSim instances. The next
part of the installation process requires some changes to the OpenSim.ini
in all of your OpenSim instances.

Add the following lines to all OpenSim.ini files:

  Module = "OpenSimProfile";
  ;// The ProfileURL is important. It must be correct or profiles won't work.//
  ;//                                                                        //
  ;// Change the URL to point to the profile.php file on your own web server //
  ProfileURL = ""
  ;//                                                                        //

NOTE: You do not need to indent the above lines when adding them to your own
OpenSim.ini file. The lines were indented to offset them from the rest of the
text in this file.

Updating an existing installation

Updating an existing installation of osprofile is just a matter of copying
a few files to the same places where you had previously installed the files.

Copy all of the PHP files (located in the webroot directory) EXCEPT for
databaseinfo.php to the directory on your webserver where you place the
previous copies. If you also copy databaseinfo.php when copying the other
PHP files you will have to edit databaseinfo.php and reset the information
used to connect to the database.

See the section "First time installation and configuration" section above
for information about the two main profile PHP files. If you were using
the mysqli based file, you may need to delete one of the PHP files and
rename the other.

Copy the two OpenSimProfile.Modules files created during compilation to the
bin directory of each of your OpenSim instances.

Finally, execute the osprofile-migrations.sql file located in the webroot/sql 
directory. This step is very important to make certain your database tables 
are up-to-date.


OpenSimProfile is an add-on profile module for use with the Open Simulator project






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