Kevin's RTOS for AVR microcontrollers
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Kevin's RTOS (KOS)

Kevin Cuzner

This is a preemptive task-based real-time operating system designed to consume as few resources as possible while increasing the effective utilization of systems using AVR microcontrollers.

The motivation for this project stems from my own desire to write something like this. There are many other options available which are likely better written and easier to use, but I'm going to have more fun doing it this way.



The basic operational unit is a Task. A Task is created from a pointer to the function to invoke to begin the task and a pointer to the top of the memory to use as a stack. The absolute minimum stack size is 35 bytes, but this will likely run into problems since most programs use part of the stack as storage for variables and such. Tasks should each contain a loop which never exits. The operating system is optimized for the case where tasks always exist.

The order in which tasks are created sets their priority. The last task created will have the highest priority.


As a preempting operating system, tasks can be suspended at any time. At the point where a task is suspended, the next program counter, status register, and 32 registers are pushed onto the current stack.

Scheduling & Dispatching