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Reimplement afl-cmin in python. Use less memory, less disk space, and faster.


  • Support the same command line flags as original afl-cmin.
  • dedup by hash of file content in the beginning.
  • -i DIR can be specified multiple times. Also support globbing.
  • --crash-dir DIR to copy detected crashes (deduplicated by hash) into DIR.
  • -w WORKERS to specify number of workers.
  • --as_queue output filename like id:000001,hash:value.

So, you can use in workflow like this

  1. Run many instances of afl-fuzz and have multiple queues in sync_dir.1 directory
  2. -i 'sync_dir.1/*/queue' -o sync_dir.2/prev/queue --as_queue ...
  3. Run another batch of afl-fuzz in sync_dir.2. They will automatically sync queue from sync_dir.2/prev/queue.

Non-scientific performance test:

program worker temp disk (mb) memory time (min)
afl-cmin 1 9782 7.8gb 27
afl-pcmin 8 9762 7.8gb 13.8 1 359 <50mb 11.9 8 1136 <250mb 1.8

Detail of this table

  • the input are 79k unique files, total 472mb. the output are 5k files, total 39mb.
  • temp disk is the size of .traces folder after run with AFL_KEEP_TRACES=1.

Similar to afl-tmin, but minimize by different conditions.


  • Support similar command line flags as afl-tmin.
  • Use similar minimization heuristic as afl-tmin.
  • Instead of classifying input by coverage, classifies input by program output and terminal conditions. Supportted conditions:
    • --stdout: stdout contains given string
    • --stderr: stderr contains given string
    • --crash: program terminated by any signal
    • --returncode: program exits with given returncode
    • --signal: program terminated by given signal
    • --timeout: program terminated due to timeout


  • Minimize input while makes sure exploitable still output EXPLOITABLE. -i -o file.out -m none --stdout "'EXPLOITABLE'" -- ~/src/exploitable/ './w3m -T text/html -dump @@'

  • Minimize input while makes sure the program is still killed by SIGABRT (i.e. assert() fail) -i -o file.out --signal 6 -- /path/to/program @@


Apache License 2.0. Copyright 2016 Google Inc.

This is not an official Google product.

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