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My Lazybones Templates

This repository hosts some project Templates (boilerplate setup) that can be used using Lazybones.

Currently available project template(s)


  1. Add following snippet to ~/.lazybones/config.groovy (If this dir/file doesn't exist, create it)

    bintrayRepositories = [
  2. Do a lazybones list to see available templates

  3. Create an app from template (use --with-git) lazybones create <template-name> <version> <dir-name> --with-git

Note: If you don't have lazybones installed, install that first :

  1. Install gvm curl -s | bash

  2. Install lazybones via gvm gvm install lazybones

Creating a Gaelyk Project using the template

  • Enter the following command:

      $ lazybones create gaelyk 2.1.0 my-gaelyk-project --with-git
  • You will be asked few questions, answering those is optional. If you don't provide any input, the default value in the square brackets [ ] will be used.

      Creating project from template gaelyk 2.1.0 in 'my-gaelyk-project'
      Enter application id [gaelyk-app]: my-awesome-app
      Enter application version [1]:
      Enter Google App Engine version [1.9.1]:
  • That's it. From the newly created directory:

      $ cd my-gaelyk-projet
  • You can now run your gaelyk app locally:

      $ ./gradlew appengineRun
  • and test it at http://localhost:8080

More Details

Creating a Groovy Library using the template

  • Enter the following command

      $ lazybones create groovy-lib 0.2 my-lib-project --with-git                                                                                                                          10:31PM
  • You have option to provide group and version. If you don't provide any input, the default value in the square brackets [ ] will be used.

      Creating project from template groovy-lib 0.2 in 'my-lib-project'
      Define value for 'group' [org.example]: com.mycompany
      Define value for 'version' [0.1]:
  • Your project is ready in the my-lib-project with gradle wrapper in it.

More details

Installing Templates via source

Clone this Github repo and execute the following Gradle tasks based on what you want to do :

  • Package and install individual template

      ./gradlew installTemplateGroovyLib
      ./gradlew installTemplateSinatraHamlSassCoffee
  • Package and install all the templates locally with the command:

      ./gradlew installAllTemplates
  • Test the locally installed template using

      lazybones create groovy-lib 0.1 sample-app
      lazybones create sinatra-haml-sass-coffee 0.1 sample-app
  • To publish individual template

      ./gradlew publishTemplateGroovyLib
      ./gradlew publishTemplateSinatraHamlSassCoffee
  • To publish all templates

      ./gradlew publishAllTemplates

To Create a New Template

  • execute TERM=dumb ./gradlew createTemplate, OR execute TERM=dumb ./gradlew createGradleProjectTemplate, which will ask you to enter the directory/project name (give a hyphenated-one and not TitleCase)

    • It creates a new dir in templates dir
    • adds with header
    • adds VERSION file with 0.1 version
    • and adds lazybones.groovy Post processor
    • if creating Gradle project, creates a build.gradle
  • Populate it (the generate dir) with template content,

  • Install locally using installTemplate<TemplateName>

  • Test locally using lazybones create template-name <version> sample-app

  • Publish using publishTemplate<TemplateName>

You can find out more about creating templates on Lazybones' GitHub wiki.


My Lazybone Templates






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