Collection of modules for various tasks. Includes a test automation framework.
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The Pycopia package is a collection of Python (and some C) modules for use in
Python  applications. There is support for network management, "Web" frontends,
XML processing, process control, and more.

Some noteworthy sub-packages and modules:

SNMP          -- An implementation of SNMP v1 and v2c (Manager only now.. but Agent
                 class just needs to be filled in). 

SMI           -- A library, based on wrapping libsmi, for parsing and accessing MIB

Devices       -- Defines SNMP Manager objects for specific devices. You can create a
	         class that represent as device, and define which MIBs it supports.

POM           -- Python Object Model for XML. This is patterned after XML DOM, but is
                 more pythonic. It also incorporates some XPath funcionality. 

XHTML         -- Utilities and classes for creating XHTML documents. This is based on
                 the Pythonic Object Model (POM) module, also found here. 

WWW.framework -- A web framework supporting virtual domains.

process       -- Spawn supprocesses. Interact with them using the Expect
		 object. Get process stats. 

CLI           -- Toolkit for making interactive command tools fast and easy.

debugger      -- Enhanced Python debugger.

QA            -- Test harness and framework for running tests, managing tests,
                 and recording results.

storage       -- A database for keeping persistent configuration, the equipment
                 object model, test cases and test results.

This library is mostly governed by the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL). If a
module comes from another source then it may have another, more liberal,
license. Parts here may be Other Peoples Code under the BSD or MIT license.


See the INSTALL file.