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The Pycopia package is a collection of Python (and some C) modules for use in
Python  applications. There is support for network management, "Web" frontends,
XML processing, process control, and more.

Some noteworthy sub-packages and modules:

SNMP          -- An implementation of SNMP v1 and v2c (Manager only now.. but Agent
                 class just needs to be filled in). 

SMI           -- A library, based on wrapping libsmi, for parsing and accessing MIB

Devices       -- Defines SNMP Manager objects for specific devices. You can create a
	         class that represent as device, and define which MIBs it supports.

POM           -- Python Object Model for XML. This is patterned after XML DOM, but is
                 more pythonic. It also incorporates some XPath funcionality. 

XHTML         -- Utilities and classes for creating XHTML documents. This is based on
                 the Pythonic Object Model (POM) module, also found here. 

WWW.framework -- A web framework supporting virtual domains.

process       -- Spawn supprocesses. Interact with them using the Expect
		 object. Get process stats. 

CLI           -- Toolkit for making interactive command tools fast and easy.

debugger      -- Enhanced Python debugger.

QA            -- Test harness and framework for running tests, managing tests,
                 and recording results.

storage       -- A database for keeping persistent configuration, the equipment
                 object model, test cases and test results.

This library is mostly governed by the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL). If a
module comes from another source then it may have another, more liberal,
license. Parts here may be Other Peoples Code under the BSD or MIT license.


See the INSTALL file.


Collection of modules for various tasks. Includes a test automation framework, for Python 2.







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