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.. Copyright 2012-, Keith Dart
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.. This document is in RST format <>.
NOTE: The install operation requires that the sudo command be configured for you.
There are many dependencies. You should see the primary installation
documentation under doc/source/install.
Install script
The top-level setup script helps with dealing with all sub-packages at
once. It also provides an installer for a developer mode.
Invoke it like a standard script. However, Any names after the
operation name are taken as sub-package names that are operated on. If no
names are given then all packages are operated on.
list -- List available subpackages. These are the names you may optionally supply.
publish -- Put source distribution on pypi.
build -- Run setuptools build phase on named sub-packages (or all of them).
install -- Run setuptools install phase.
eggs -- Build distributable egg package.
rpms -- Build RPMs on platforms that support building RPMs.
msis -- Build Microsoft .msi on Windows.
wininst -- Build .exe installer on Windows.
develop -- Developer mode, as defined by setuptools.
develophome -- Developer mode, installing .pth and script files in user directory.
clean -- Run setuptools clean phase.
squash -- Squash (flatten) all named sub-packages into single tree
in $PYCOPIA_SQUASH, or user site-directory if no $PYCOPIA_SQUASH defined.
This also removes the setuptools runtime dependency.
Most regular setuptools commands also work. They are passed through by
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