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Minor fixes to work with MacOS

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kdart committed May 4, 2017
1 parent c83456f commit 6ca6807834e87c6a0d93b9bbc2fed8c246487ae5
Showing with 20 additions and 19 deletions.
  1. +15 −19 core/pycopia/
  2. +5 −0 storage/
@@ -55,12 +55,13 @@
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division

import sys, os, types
__all__ = ['info']

import sys
import os, types
from pprint import pprint
from inspect import *

from pycopia import devenviron

import readline
@@ -75,10 +76,7 @@ def write_history_file(self, arg):
readline = Readline()

from importlib import import_module
except ImportError: # older python
from pycopia.module import get_module as import_module
from importlib import import_module

if sys.platform == "win32":
_default_hist = os.path.join(os.environ["USERPROFILE"], "_pythonhist")
@@ -101,30 +99,23 @@ def write_history_file(self, arg):
def savehist():
atexit.register( savehist )
readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")

# import some pycopia functions that are helpful for interactive use.
from pycopia.cliutils import *
from pycopia.textutils import *
from pycopia.aid import add2builtin, execfile
from pycopia.devhelpers import *

__all__ = ['info']

def _add_all(modname):
mod = import_module(modname)
__all__.extend([n for n in dir(mod) if n[0] != "_" and callable(getattr(mod, n))])

del _add_all

sys.ps1 = os.environ.get("PYPS1", "Python{0}> ".format(sys.version_info[0]))
sys.ps2 = os.environ.get("PYPS2", "more...> ")

def info(obj=None):
"""Print some helpful information about the given object. Usually the
docstring. If no parameter given then provide some info on Python itself."""
@@ -161,25 +152,30 @@ def mydisplayhook(obj):
setattr(sys.modules["__main__"], "_", None)

# Add some functions useful for interactive use to builtins.
# This is done to provide better interactive functionality without
# cluttering the __main__ namespace.
def _add_builtins(names=__all__):
me = sys.modules[__name__]
for name in names:
add2builtin(name, getattr(sys.modules[__name__], name))
obj = getattr(me, name)
if not hasattr(__builtins__, name):
setattr(__builtins__, name, obj)
except AttributeError:

del _add_builtins

## readline key bindings
if sys.platform =="darwin":
readline.parse_and_bind("bind ^I rl_complete")
readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")
##readline.parse_and_bind("tab: menu-complete")
#readline.parse_and_bind('"?": possible-completions')
readline.parse_and_bind('"\M-?": possible-completions')
readline.parse_and_bind('"\M-?": possible-completions')
#readline.parse_and_bind('"\M-h": "help()\n"')
#readline.parse_and_bind('"\eOP": "help()\n"')
#readline.parse_and_bind('"\M-f": dump-functions')
@@ -33,6 +33,11 @@
#(os.path.join("/var", "www", WEBSITE, 'media', 'images'), glob("media/images/*.png")),
SCRIPTS = glob("bin/*")
elif platinfo.is_osx():
('/etc/pycopia', glob("etc/*.example") + glob("etc/*.dist")),
SCRIPTS = glob("bin/*")

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