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App that lets you tweak what upload/download is reported to the torrent tracker
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Ratio mender

... is an app that helps you improve your torrent ratio.


RM works as a proxy so you'll need to configure your client to use it. Basically you just need to set the http proxy address to localhost and to use the port you reserved for RM (57998 by default).

Deluge | uTorrent

Ratio mender 0.2.0 usage:
  ratiomender [options]

  -d=1: By how much should the download be multiplied
  -h=false: Print this help and exit
  -l=false: Print log entries to output
  -p=57998: Port to listen
  -s=false: Switch download with upload. Multipliers are applied before the switch
  -u=1: By how much should the upload be multiplied

You can access the log with last 100 entries of current session by going http://localhost:port/log, where port - the port you reserved for RM, e.g. http://localhost:57998/log

On linux you can somewhat simulate a daemon by running this command

nohup /path/to/ratiomender > /var/log/ratiomender.log &

Or adding the following command to you start up script (Ubuntu: gnome-session-properties)

/path/to/ratiomender > /var/log/ratiomender.log


On linux just run

go build ratiomender.go

On windows you might want to add a few build flags:

go build -ldflags -Hwindowsgui ratiomender.go

This will build the app to launch withought a console window. When built like this -l and -h flags do nothing.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility of what might happen while you use this piece of software. You most likely will get banned if you're cought using it. Note that this project is my way of learning Go and it's probably not optimal and buggy. Basically, use it at your own risk.

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