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A Java library to validate in-app purchase Apple receipts
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A Java library to validate Apple Receipts Based on work done in gdx-pay. Intended to be simple to modify and use.

Important This library isn't in active development or production ready!

Example Use

/** Your end use might look something like this */
public class FooApplePaymentController {

  /** Use sandbox, no password, and logging */ 
  private static final AppleReceiptValidator validator = new AppleReceiptValidator(true, null, true);
  public FooApplePaymentController(){
  /** Receiving a subscription update from Apple */ 
  public void receiveUpdate(){
    /** Depends on your framework */
    String fooUpdate = getRequestAsJson(...);
      //Error handling here
    /** Your business logic here */


Installation Steps

The library is hosted on Central Repository. Follow the appropriate steps for your build tool e.g. Maven, sbt, etc.

Thank you


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