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Grow a bonsai, not a shrub

Scaling a codebase with coherence and structure.


Various examples of extracting logical patterns, including:

  • Ext::ArelTables - generate functions that access arel tables
  • Ext::DelegateScope - delegate scopes to associated classes
  • Ext::Factory - extract functionality into helper objects
  • Ext::Query - generate scopes from query objects
  • Ext::StripAttributes - automatically strip attributes before they hit the DB
  • Ext::TouchAll - bust associated caches downward instead of just upward


Reflection tests enforcing certain code style, including:

  • AssociationsTest - enforce various things about associations, including having a specified inverse_of or an automatic one, having the expected columns, and not overriding association methods
  • ControllerActionsTest - enforce only having the expected controller action names within your app's controllers
  • DefTest - enforce not having method definitions in model files
  • UpgradeTest - refuse to pass the build if the version is upgraded and the code that depends on a specific version is not checked


Tools for trimming your application code, including:

  • MacroTracking - hook into delegate and scope to make sure that they don't go stale -- reports out at the end of the test suite which were called and which weren't