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sithlord48 Add options to set Temperature Timer
 - New slot AtCore::setTemperatureTimerInterval (0 = disabled)
 - New AtCore::temperatureTimerIntervalChanged signal
 - Add option to temperature timeline on the testgui

Test Plan:
Exposure method on testGui

Reviewers: laysrodrigues, tcanabrava, patrickelectric

Reviewed By: laysrodrigues, tcanabrava, patrickelectric

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Logo AtCore - KDE Print Service for 3DPrinters

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AtCore is a API to manage the serial connection between the computer and 3D Printers.
This project is under LGPL V2+, for more information read COPYING.TXT.

Supported Firmwares

Currenty the following firmwares are supported.

Firmware Name Basic Use Control SD
Repetier YES YES
Marlin YES YES
Teacup YES NO
APrinter YES NO
SPrinter YES NO
Smoothie YES NO

Building Deploying AtCore

See: Building and Deploying

Importing AtCore in your CMakeList

CMake should find %AtCore and link it to MYAPP using the following in your CMakeLists

include (AtCore REQUIRED COMPONATES AtCore )
include (AtCore REQUIRED COMPONATES AtCoreWidgets )
target_link_libraries(MYAPP AtCore::AtCore AtCore::AtCoreWidgets ... )

Getting Involved