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Open Stage Control template for Bitwig

You can use any device that has google chrome, to remotely control Bitwig studio. I tried to make it responsive so it should look nice on tablet and phone.

Dependencies to install

  • DrivenByMoss: an advanced Bitwig extension that communicates with the Bitwig JAVA api to send and receive OSC commands
  • Open Stage Control: a cross platform webapplication that uses OSC language it's own widgets
  • you also need a virtual midi channel, I used a program called loopMIDI



Bitwig settings

Open Stage Control

Run from installed executable (easiest)

This is the most simple way to start Open Stage Control:

  • Open the executable, a popup window appears
  • Fill in the settings.
  • Press SAVE to save the settings for next time.
  • Press START and navigate to
    • http://localhost:8080 (from the same device)
    • http://your_ip_adres:8080 (from another android/ipad/etc device connected on the same network)

Open Stage Control settings

Run headless (preferred)

Headless mode means, starting the program with the command line. It won't produce the settings popup and another big advantage is that it will consume a lot less CPU, which is important when you're probably running Bitwig at the same machine.

To do this, simply make a file on your desktop that executes Open Stage Control with the appropriate settings. For example this is the contents of my open_stage_control.bat file:

"C:\Program Files\open-stage-control-win32-x64\open-stage-control.exe" --send --osc-port 9000 --theme orange alt-buttons responsive-fonts --load C:\\Users\\koen\\IdeaProjects\\open-stage-control-bitwig\\open_stage_control_bitwig.json --no-gui --fullscreen


Oneplus 5 phone

Screenshot on OnePlus 5 phone

Nexus 9 tablet

Screenshot on nexus 9 tablet


Screenshot on desktop